The Perks Of Being A WRITER

For some,indeed,is hard to write but for the author of the post,doesn’t seem so

Manic Sylph Writes... Poetry & Thoughts by Mona Soorma

Writing is a tough job!

Well, not the writing part. That, as I often say, is easy. It is the rest of it, especially when you are an indie writer, that really ties you up in knots. Being a wife and a mom is already a full-time job. So is trying to be the editor, designer, and marketing guy for your book, all rolled into one. Another one is being your own social media manager, somehow trying to make sure posts are up regularly on all your media pages, the comments are being answered, and those who support you are being supported in return. Add to it keeping your website up to date, making sure the blog is running, and on and on…

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