This is What Actually Happens to Your Gut When You’re Stressed Out

City Women & co

December 07, 2018 at 11:23AM

If you?ve ever gotten butterflies before a work presentation or lost your appetite after looking at your to-do list, you?ve felt the effects that stress can have on your digestive system.

Since stress in life is pretty much a given, we teamed up with Renew Life® to get to the bottom of why exactly your gut acts up when you?re at a level 10—and tapped Kaitlyn Clarke, chiropractor and functional nutritionist at Urban Wellness Clinic, to find out what to do to keep your gut health on point in spite of it.

?You cannot truly break out of the stress/gut cycle without tackling it from both directions,? Dr. Clarke says. ?You must take control of your stress level, while simultaneously improving your gut health.?

Luckily, breaking the cycle is possible if you?re proactive about it, which is why we asked Dr. Clarke to share…

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