Why did you marry your spouse? Or what will make you marry someone?


Many marriages are so rough, you are forced to ask how they came about in the first place. Why do people marry the person they marry? If you are married, why did you marry the person you are married to and not someone else?

The reason we marry the person we marry determines how our marriage turns out to be.

What are some of the reasons people may marry someone?

  1. Love: Some people marry a particular person because they love the person and think they will be happy with the person as husband and wife.
  2. Money: Some people marry because of money. What attracts them to the person they marry is the person is rich and they want to enjoy the riches.
  3. Prestige: Some people look for their spouse in a highly placed family so that they can have the honor of a big connection.
  4. Family: Some people marry to…

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