3 tips to make sure sleeping in separate bedrooms doesn’t turn your S.O. into your roommate

Good tips !

City Women & co

December 08, 2018 at 05:30AM

In TV shows and movies, couples are, like, never shown sleeping in separate bedrooms—not even in I Love Lucy, where the two main characters sleep in separate twin beds in the same room (because…the ?50s). In the rare case that onscreen couples do sleep apart, chances are someone?s on the couch as a consequence of a major blowout. Truthfully though, catching zzz?s in a different bedroom than your S.O. is something one in four married couples do—and it?s not necessarily because the relationship is rife with issues.

Getting enough sleep is a major cornerstone of living your healthiest life ever—and crucial for ensuring your mood isn?t constantly awful. ?There are all sorts of reasons why sleeping separately can be better for someone?s health, whether it?s because someone snores, is sensitive to light, or the couple has different sleep schedules,? says relationship therapist…

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