Diabetes Patients Should Avoid Wheat Products

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Wheat Powder

Today, my discussion is about “Wheat flour is a powder made from the grinding of wheat used for human consumption.

This product is highly consume by many communities worldwide,baking cake,pastries and breads , it is having high gluten approximately 12%-14%, which cause many damages to our body unknowingly.

Wheat allergy many not aware what are the symptoms , every individual have different reactions on wheat allergy .

Wheat intolerance people will have bigger and thicker lips, frequently sneezing similarity to sinus, as we all known sinus is very much link to our heart, it means your heart is going weak day by day, the more you consume the worst it goes with sneezing or sinus and heart, weak muscles, dysfunction of thyroid, low immunity,neurological disorders, liver disorders, blur vision,rheumatic pains, uric acid, headache, migraine, dry skin and many others.


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