Journey and destination


Hi friends,

How are you all? I know the preparations for Christmas must be going on for many. I am in the midst of my annual holidays with my family and friends.

Some time back I read a wonderful poetry by Pat Cegan titled “No Destination”. The lines were as follows.

“What if there is no
destination, only the
journey endlessly repeating
and varied only by change?
Would your decisions be
different, your nows chosen
with care, or would you still
float adrift battered by
passing storms and crashing waves?”

I even commented on her blog post asking “But if we don’t have a destination, what is the fun of undertaking a journey in the first place?”

Journey of life!

Later on, the poem really got me thinking about journeys and destinations. I realized that, from the moment we come on to this earth, we start our journey called…

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