Let’s depress the Depression: You can never get rid of it but somewhere in between, Happiness can dominate!

great advices !

let us shine

Pop the handsfree in your tiny ears and let’s begin this journey of inner peace!

I was driving rashly at about 7000 km/h when suddenly my truck of depression crashed into the lorry of happiness. I flew out of the windscreen and flew high in the air because of the jerk. The collision resulted into a magical sight. I was suspended into the air for fine 5 minutes, apparently breathing my last. All the broken shards and pieces suspended into the air like twinkling stars scattered around me. I touched one with my fingertip and there I went straight down to the road. I was saved due to the crash landing on one of the finest cushions that the happiness lorry was loaded with.

This is depression! It is no more than a situation you have in your mind. It is no less than this depression truck that is loaded…

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