Prostitution is a sin but are these prostitutes the real sinners?

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The brothel owner said if I don’t work, she’ll kill me and if I don’t do the business, she’ll sell me. They beat me with sticks. If I refused, they would’nt give me any food.

-Guddi (A young prostitute at Indian brothel)

Biggest Brothel in India:

India is ranked to be the number 1 country that is dangerous for women. Rape of women and beheading them is very common. It is not that India has some specific drawback or people over there are rotten. We all have such people, who are the true definition of “terrorists” in our own society and states. Maybe in a small amount than that in India, but we do have. This is a time to support each other against this rather than playing that same rotten blame game that is being played by nations since forever. If India is ranked #1 for rape and street…

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