Let The Children Come

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Rev. Sudha Mehta©


Photo from Son of God movie.

It is believed that the primary caregivers, in most cases mother and father, have the greatest influence and impact on a child in the formative early years. These years are what define a child’s life and destiny. Interestingly, it might be said that all is based on information the child internalizes.

The point is made well by the story of a young Prince. This is Indian history. During the English Reign in India in 1836, a baby boy was born to the Maharaja (Mighty king) Randhir Singh of the region of Punjab. Maharaja Randhir Singh and his lovely and fiery Queen, the Maharani Jind Kaur loved their baby boy the Crown Prince Dalip.


Young Prince Dalip in the center- Photo on Sikh Royalty

The king died when the Prince was just a child and chaos broke out. Wolves circled around…

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