Review “Climbing Over Grit”

A Voice from Iran


  1. Hello dear Laleh,
    I have just finished reading your book. Actually, I read it 2 times.
    While a relatively short novel, the story is rich in meaning. And it takes time to process the fates of the main character and her family.
    It’s easy for others to say “what a terrible fate” or “what horrible parents.”
    But we must remember: this can (and does) happen to anyone, at any time. In any country or region.
    As a woman, I was painfully reminded how all women must overcome many challenges in some form of other.
    It also forces us to question ourselves “what is a true civilised society?”
    Therefore, I hope others who read this powerful story will not be so quick to judge the characters.
    Instead, it gives us the opportunity to re-examine our own…

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