How to share love? – No gifts!

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Hi there beautiful people! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I’m 16 years old student whom today would like to share one of my how to… blog posts. I love doing the how to… they normally turn out quite interesting. Well, I’ll let that for you to judge.

Sharing Love

Love isn’t a quantity that you can weigh or turn it into an object. Love is a feeling that needs to be handled carefully. Some people lack of taking the importance of this and those around them will lack of their love. Love is one of the most important feelings.

Many people lack love and many others don’t have others to love them back. That’s why it is so important to share our love with others and we don’t have to to buy expensive gift to make them happy. How?

How to share our love?

Sharing love can…

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