December 17, 2018 at 04:31PM

Lyle Gogh

Conquer life with a smile. #colorpop #smile #dimple

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The 10 Most Addictive Novels & Memoirs of 2018

City Women & co

December 17, 2018 at 01:00AM

Whether you’re traveling or you need the perfect book to gift, we have you covered! Continue Reading…

Author Liz Moody | Life by Daily Burn
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Evening stroll in winters: Breathtaking views are smiling cheerfully 🍁

let us shine

Heya maple leaves and sugar cookies! As winter is being harsh with its cold, the nature is being gentle with its beauty. I went for an evening stroll today and the lovely sights of mother nature embraced me with sheer warmth and beauty. I wanted to share some moments with you guys so I clicked a good ammount of photos. I hope those who cant go outside can enjoy at home while roasting their feet infront of heaters and fireplaces. Also the people who are enjoying the snow can enjoy the tangy hues!

IMG-20181217-WA0031IMG-20181217-WA0036IMG-20181217-WA0043IMG-20181217-WA0050IMG-20181217-WA0041IMG-20181217-WA0053IMG-20181217-WA0044IMG-20181217-WA0000IMG-20181217-WA0030IMG-20181217-WA0022IMG-20181217-WA0024IMG-20181217-WA0045IMG-20181217-WA0018IMG-20181217-WA0039IMG-20181217-WA0055IMG-20181217-WA0041IMG-20181217-WA0019Adios xx

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