Holiday Glam Look #1: Platinum

Chantel Keona

Happy Beauty Tuesday! This week I am kicking off a new beauty series called holiday glam just in time for those holiday festivities we will be attending. For my first holiday glam makeup look I’m wearing a platinum eyeshadow from my Sephora Moonshadow Baked Eyeshadow Palette and I paired this eye makeup with my favorite nude lipstick from Rimmel London. Keep reading for all the deets.

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Episode #26 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Ree-bo ribbity Yuh-doobles!  Episode #26 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!  In this one, Doc and I discuss my decision to focus on positive thinking, which was inspired by Derren Brown’s mentalism.  Give it a listen by following the links on this page:  Strained Brains Podcast.

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Weekly Wisdom 18 December

5k of 50 Days – Accomplished

On a mission

The best thing you will always remember the day when you think about a task as daunting as moving a mountain. Well, I am exaggerating it here but it did sounds in the beginning. Here are my last 50 days in Q and A which I accomplished today.
Q 1: What is 5K of 50 Days?
Ans: A thought came through mind on Sunday, October 28…I had gone for a bicycle ride of 13.39 miles – after taking photos of nature, the thought was about the future…everything is going to be a downfall as Winter is on the horizon. I self-promised to do 50 days of running 5K.
Yes: A continuous run of 5k ( 3.1 miles) every day.
Q 2: Why do you call it daunting as moving a mountain?
Ans: It is not easy when you have so many things going on…festival to celebrate, be part of it…

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10 Star Wars Memes


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Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

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Mary Poppins Returns – Film Review

No More Workhorse

Mary Poppins Returns – Film Review by Katie McCann

Director: Rob Marshall
Writers: David Magee (screenplay by), David Magee (screen story by) etc.
Stars: Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw

With any remake or sequel there are huge expectations and none more so than for Disney’s latest; Mary Poppins Returns. It is a sequel to the 1964 mega hit musical that defined most people’s childhoods and still is part of Christmas day spent round the telly. Stepping under the umbrella this time is Emily Blunt, who leads an all-star cast on this new adventure with many familiar turns.

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Campane a scandire le ore…

Watch “Bengali Bridal Makeup | Makeup course | Makeup Class | Bridal Makeover | MUA Swapna Saha” on YouTube


Dr Faith poetry

It still resonates between
my ear drums ;
I close my eyes when,feel alone
all headaches gone
with this berceuse ,because
it touched my heart
it touched my soul
it is in my head
in my mind palace
I listen to it ,
whenever I miss your voice
Your eyes, your smile.
and,now I’m falling asleep and
you are in my dreams
but this gentle song is still playing because
it still resonates between
my ear drums.and won’t stop until I…

Nimish ©

For you❤️🌹☺️

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If you want to be special, take a look at these 11 points


You can be special. You can stand out of the crowd. What makes some people special? Here are 13 points to consider.

Photo by Sebastian Libuda on

  1. Some people are special because they take good care of their skin. When you look at them, they are fresh. They look different from many of the people around them.
  2. Some people are special because of their dressing. What they wear is of special quality; fits well and gives them a good look.
  3. Some people are special, especially the women because of their make up.
  4. Some people are special because of their character and behavior. They are marked by qualities such as discipline, honesty, love of others, respectfulness, humility etc.
  5. Some people are special because of their learning. They are very learned; intellectually refined.
  6. Some people are special because of their Godliness. They love God are very committed to their faith and…

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How to Brand Yourself and Make Your Business Stand Out


You’ve been in business for years and have finally hit your plateau.

The tactics you’d implemented for your customers aren’t working as they’ve used to. You feel like your business has fallen out of the spotlight and now you’d have to settle for any business you get. It’s how businesses work, right?

The truth is that some brands will fade off the business world–while others will adapt well and continue to grow. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for where your business currently stands. After all, you’d kept applying tactics that provided predictable results.

Instead, decide to not settle for average results and spend more time building your brand. To make your business stand out from your competition, you need to be unforgettable. But how can you?

In this article, I’ll cover timeless tactics that have worked for other businesses. If you apply these tactics correctly your competition won’t…

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Learn to do what you must do even if you don’t like it


Do you know what can keep you ahead of many?
Let me tell you one:
Being ready to do what you have to do even if you don’t like it.
It is true that when
You do what you love to do,
You do it well,
And feel satisfied.
Unfortunately, in this world,
You cannot say you will
Do only what you love to do.
That would take you nowhere;
Many times
You will have to do
Things that you
Do not like to do;
But which you must do.
This can be boring and stressful;
Yet, if you want to succeed
In this world,in a big way,
You have to learn to do them.
This calls for discipline,
Commitment to your responsibility and effort;
But good thing.
It keeps you well ahead of many.

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The miracle of Nature




As Christmas draws near, we plan on surprising our loves  with the best gift that there is  to give. Gifts of their desires or of their dreams. To Wow them by our great love we share. But out of them all – phones, make-up or shoe, can’t  prolongate or maintain their life. For only strive(exercise) and nutritious rich food can do such things. As for this, the best gift that anyone can ever give is a gift that directly  supports, boosts or rejuvenates one’s life. That is  a gift  of Health.

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