Learn to do what you must do even if you don’t like it


Do you know what can keep you ahead of many?
Let me tell you one:
Being ready to do what you have to do even if you don’t like it.
It is true that when
You do what you love to do,
You do it well,
And feel satisfied.
Unfortunately, in this world,
You cannot say you will
Do only what you love to do.
That would take you nowhere;
Many times
You will have to do
Things that you
Do not like to do;
But which you must do.
This can be boring and stressful;
Yet, if you want to succeed
In this world,in a big way,
You have to learn to do them.
This calls for discipline,
Commitment to your responsibility and effort;
But good thing.
It keeps you well ahead of many.

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