The Christmas Maze, Myths, and Message [Video]



Christmas can be a confusing season. The most commercial of holidays is also supposed to be one of the most sacred of days.

Moreover, the expression of the sacredness of the day is constantly opposed by those who don’t believe in sacredness at all. And what is for many the most joyful of times for others fuels deep depression and loneliness.

The Christmas season is confusing because it is not simply one kind of season. It has at least three manifestations; a maze, a myth, and a message.

The Christmas Maze

ChristmasThis is the hustle and bustle of the social and economic pressures surrounding Christmas. Every family that celebrates the day knows the Christmas maze well.

Moreover, this maze is the greatest concern of those for whom Christmas is not a religious day. In their case, it is an opportunity for family, gifts, and parties.

It is an opening to…

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