Part 2 of the Reasons to Work Out are Overblown

One Mom's Journey with CrossFit

Enter another dilemma to working out that many face — you’re too sore to go and do the things you want to do.

In part one of this blog series, we discussed how the reasons to workout are overblown because you are so tired after your workout session that you don’t want to go and do anything else. Here, it’s a very similar situation.

For me, I’m sore all the time. My muscles are tight, even after a massage. And there are days where it’s hard or even painful to move. Recently, I’ve been wondering what it’s like to not feel like this all the time. Is this worth it? I keep asking myself. Lately, I’ve begin to question my workout routine.


As I’m experimenting with different workout routines, I’m still trying to find the right balance between being physically fit and being too…

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My travel pages…China… select Pictures…great…… memories

Stockresearch52's Blog

Yu Garden or Yuyuan Garden is an extensive Chinese garden located beside the City God Temple in the northeast of the Old City of Shanghai at Huangpu Qu, Shanghai Shi. It abuts the Yuyuan Tourist Mart, the Huxinting Teahouse and the Yu Garden Bazaar. Wikipedia

The Jade Buddha Temple is a Buddhist temple in Shanghai. As with many modern Chinese Buddhist temples, the current temple draws from both the Pure Land and Chan traditions of Mahayana Buddhism. It was founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Myanmar by sea. Wikipedia

The Leshan Giant Buddha is a 71-metre tall stone statue, built between 713 and 803, depicting Maitreya. It is carved out of a cliff face of Cretaceous red bed sand stones that lies at the confluence of the Min River and Dadu River in the southern part of Sichuan province in China, near the city…

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CrossFit: If You Want to Get Stronger, Eliminate Time Caps

One Mom's Journey with CrossFit

I remember a few years ago when I first started CrossFit that I would get frustrated when I got time capped. Some CrossFit boxes are particular about this and become upset if you keep working out after time is called. That would just annoy me.

CrossFit and Time Caps

Being time capped in a CrossFit WOD was particularly irksome when it was one that climbed in weight, and I wouldn’t get a chance to try the heavier weight.

Today was one of those CrossFit workouts where the weight climbed, but today (like most of my workouts), I ignored the time cap. I got to do the heavier weight (in today’s example, it was thrusters), and I got to do a bunch of them.

Then I realized something: I’ve gotten stronger since last year because I’ve done heavier weights more frequently because I never time cap myself. I just do the…

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Bottom of the ocean

Amazing caves


Best shelter of night for this Cute Cat 🙀

I have two cats and that’s how it all started with te first one . my wife picked the poor,sick kitty from the street . she managed to heal the cat and years later brought a “company”

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

When my daughter speaks with this cat, it responds happily. When I have spoken with it and told it – ” don’t make the place dirty, please”. It really made it’s head down. I got surprised seeing it’s good responses.

In this winter, it has treated my flat’s exit as best place to stay at night 🌃. Daily morning it goes outside and in the evening, it comes back waiting for my daughter as it wants to speak with her. Lovely routine, isn’t it?

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless.

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Saint Petersburg



Wow..My Favorite Music..Who love this music?…



These 3 Morning Stretches Help Your Sleepy Body Wake Up

City Women & co

December 20, 2018

Try This Morning Stretching Sequence When You First Wake Up
Continue Reading…

Author | Life by Daily Burn
Selected by iversue

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With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !

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Central Banks are About to Be Destroyed, Countries Will Back their Currencies with Gold, But How Will this Affect YOU? (Video/Image/Article/Poster) – THEBILLIONCOIN

michael ogazie's blog

Central Banks are About to Be Destroyed, Countries Will Back their Currencies with Gold, But How Will this Affect YOU? (Video/Image/Article/Poster)

2019 will be the end of Central Banking as we know it. This will force countries all around the world to back their currencies with Gold instead of FIAT Federal Reserve Notes–USD. So, how will this affect YOU? Will this end corruption? C’mon, if you think this will end corruption, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you, because if you will believe that, you would buy anything. The whole financial system is rigged, and the inequality is at an all time high. See the very first blog post on this blog:

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 11.21.14 AM

The 1% own 99% of ALL the wealth in the world! The 1% have 99% of ALL the MONEY in the world! That means the 99% of the world population have to somehow survive…

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Pythagoras’ Definition of Philosopher

Learn Fun Facts


The following anecdote was attributed to Pythagoras, a sixth century BC Greek philosopher:

“I have no trade,” he once declared; “I am a philosopher.”

“And what may that be?” he was asked.

“This life,” he said, “may be compared to the Olympic games. For in that concourse some seek glory or strive for wreaths; others, peddling goods, pursue profit; others again, less base than either, go to the games neither for applause nor for gain, but merely to enjoy the sport and keep abreast of the times.

“In the same way, we quitted our celestial home and came into this world, where some toil for honor and the majority for gain, and only but a few, despising greed and vanity, study nature for its own sake. These last I call philosophers.”

Its authenticity is hard to prove so this is most likely an apocryphal story thought up by some bard or storyteller. Nonetheless, this anecdote leaves some…

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Photography is a way of feeling………..From my photo junction….2018 (select)

Stockresearch52's Blog

“The camera is much more than a recording apparatus, it is a medium via which messages reach us from another world.”
– Orson Welles

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.”
– Robert Capa

“When I have a camera in my hand, I know no fear.”
– Alfred Eisenstaedt

“I believe photographers should shoot what they want, not shoot what they get.”
– Roberto Valenzuela

“A camera is a SAVE button for the mind’s eye.”
– Roger Kingsto

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19 Motivational Quotes That Prove Your Only Limit Is You and ,in the picture above it’s me, a few years ago. I think it is a clear proof of our limit no ?

One of the best ways is to remember why you had this goal in the first place. Whether your goal is getting stronger, learning something new, starting a business— it doesn't matter. There's something that you decided to go for. There's a reason you decided to go for that. And though sometimes it's going to feel … Continue reading 19 Motivational Quotes That Prove Your Only Limit Is You and ,in the picture above it’s me, a few years ago. I think it is a clear proof of our limit no ?

Yercaud – Best Picnic Spot for a Weekend – Servaroyan Temple or Shevaroy Hills – P3


Let me start the places from this post and wanted to talk about Shevaroy Hills or Servaroyan Temple as the first place as it is my favourite spot in Yercaud. One of the most beautiful and highest point of this hill station.

The Servaroyan is a flat-topped hill with a plateau. The view from the summit on all sides is magnificent, one looks down on a mass of mountains and hills far and near, with the plains spread out like a map between the Shevaroys and the nearest hills. 

Built by the ancient tribes of Yercaud, the Servaroyan Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Kaveri. It is a serene, pious and one of the most beautiful places of interest that will instantly fill your heart with its captivating structures, fringed with historical and religious significances.

As the temple is located at the highest point of the Servaroyan range, it offers…

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Dal finestrino di un auto in corsa lungo la statale

Best Film of 2018 – #10-01

No More Workhorse

Best Film of 2018 – #10-01

Here at the Workhorse, we love film. We love the quirky ones, the odd ball ones and the ones that are a bit messed up. Here are some of the films we loved this year.

10. American Animals“It’s a film that asks questions both big and small, and one that will certainly leave you with a smile on your face.”

9. Isle of Dogs – “ It really is Anderson’s attention to detail that impresses, so many small delights to capture the imagination”.

8. Tully“A mother of three hires a night nanny to help with her newborn. ” – This is such a simple idea but the style of the film carries it through, along with Charlize Theron’s performance.

7. Columbus – “While the story line is slight enough Kogonada has created a film of substantial authority with the…

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middemB BLOG

“It’s better to hang out With people people better than you.pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you’ll drift in that direction”.


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Rosario Dawson Is On A Beautiful Road Trip & She Wants You To Come Along

Rosario Dawson has been an activist for pretty much her entire life. The actress, famed for her roles in Sin City, Rent, Men in Black II, and many, many more (seriously, her filmography reads like an accounting of the greatest hits of the last 20 years) was 10 years old when she started making posters to … Continue reading Rosario Dawson Is On A Beautiful Road Trip & She Wants You To Come Along

Thankful Thursday


I will give thanks and praise the Lord, with all my heart; I will tell aloud all Your wonders and marvelous deeds.

Compliments of the season

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The Georgian Christmas


A brief idea of Christmas in Georgian period (1714 – 1830) can be found in the novels of Jane Austin. In Pride and Prejudice Lizzie writes, “Mr. Darcy sends you all the love in the world that he can spare from me. You are all to come to Pemberley at Christmas.” or Caroline Bingley writes to Jane, “I sincerely hope your Christmas in Hertfordshire may abound in the gaieties which that season generally brings”. In Sense And Sensibility Sir John describes John Willoughby by saying “last Christmas at a little hop at the park, he danced from eight o’clock till four, without once sitting down.” In Mansfield Park there’s a holiday ball held at Christmas which Sir Thomas gives for Fanny and William. In Emma, Emma looks forward to Christmas because her sister’s family will visit for a week. In Persuasion, Austen paints a charming Christmas scene; “On…

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12 things you don’t do to your spouse and more


12 things you don’t do to your spouse:

  1. Don’t shout at your spouse or scold your spouse as if your spouse were a domestic servant.
  2. Don’t shout orders at your spouse.
  3. Don’t correct your spouse in public.
  4. Don’t belittle your spouse to your friends; to your children or to your spouse’s friends.
  5. Yes, don’t humiliate your spouse.
  6. Don’t gossip about your spouse.
  7. Don’t blame your spouse in public.
  8. Did I say don’t humiliate your spouse?
  9. Yes, don’t disgrace your spouse.
  10. Don’t criticize your spouse when you are with your friends or your spouse’s friends.
  11. Don’t discourage your spouse.
  12. Don’t adopt a negative attitude towards your spouse.

10 things to always do to your spouse:

  1. Appreciate your spouse.
  2. Praise your spouse privately.
  3. Praise your spouse publicly.
  4. Use endearing words to your spouse.
  5. Give your spouse a tender touch regularly.
  6. Bring home gifts to your spouse.
  7. Kiss or hug your spouse often.

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Perfect Score : Favorite Film Soundtracks of 2018

Complex Distractions

It’s been an equally exciting year at the cinema as its been in the record shop. I’ve seen some amazing films(either at the theater or at home.) Honestly, it’s been a pretty amazing year for films and the scores written for them. Of course I find myself wishing I could get to the theater more often and also that better films would make it closer to me. Due to my location in the Midwest among cornfields, McDonalds, and churches quite a few of the films I really wanted to see this year didn’t make it anywhere near me. Or if they did it was a one night showing at 10pm on a Tuesday night.

So as with past years I’m often deep-diving into soundtracks far sooner than the film it was written for. That’s just how it goes with me. When I do get to see the film and experience…

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Beautiful word of “LOVE”|کلمه زیبای “عشق”

A Voice from Iran

He was supposed to become a doctor. But of course this was what his father told him to do.


His father said: “Study hard and become a doctor. Doctors make good money, you’d be able to buy a great house, buy wonderful gifts for your wife, and have a great life.”


He was a little boy so he didn’t know what exactly “study hard to have a great life” meant but he could see in his father’s eyes that it was inordinate.

Eventually the boy fell in love with their neighbor’s daughter and every night he would stand at his window and look at her.


The boy often wrote letters to the girl explaining that he would become a doctor, buy a house for her along with great gifts. But he never gave her the letters, he just kept them in a box.


One day, when the boy was now…

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2 Ills that are killing many people in the world


Are you aware that you are sick?

Are you aware that you may 
Be a patient?
Are you aware that you may
Be sick?
You may be sick of two ills
That are killing many people
All over the world - greed and pride;
Both of them are terminal diseases;
These two diseases have gripped 
Many hearts and are eating them up;
If you are one of them,
They are eating you up slowly;
And will destroy you,
Unless you stop them.
You have a swollen bank account;
Yet, you continue to exploit your workers
And other people in your community,
So as to grow richer and richer;
Why are you accumulating money
Which you do not need?
What is that money doing in the banks?
Many are perishing in misery
All around you;
Meager salaries, you pay your workers!
Yet, they are the ones who do all the work

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Let it go



With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Thank you for reading. Let us make a Beautiful World together. God bless this entire universe. Have a nice day !

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Italian wedding traditions❤


Convert your Anger-energy into Writing-energy

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

P.C : From Google

Living or nonliving , everything is a form of energy. When you are talking, you are spending some energy. The voice coming out of you is the result for spending your energy. When you are laughing, you are spending some energy which is giving you happiness. Every action is nothing but a result of spending energy. Whether you walk, do exercise, talk, laugh, cry, become angry, cook, read, write and so so, in every cases you are converting your energy from one form to another and that also you are doing unknowingly.

Out of all those actions, let us discuss about one most crucial action which consumes lot of energy. Can you guess what the action is ? This is nothing but anger,being violent. When you become angry, you become so violent. When you become violent, you destroy so many things. Let us analyse the things…

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Thursday photo prompt: Setting

Positive Side Of The Coin

Copyright Sue Vincent

Among all other feelings, love is only emotion that ties stranger in life and evolves happiness.
And happiness is like shadow of the evening, which increases with the setting sun of life.

With love,

This is a response to the #writephoto Prompt – Setting curated over at Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo.


Feature Image Courtesy: Sue Vincent
© Anjali Sharma, Positive Side Of The Coin

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Qal sene qurban…Azerbaijan music

🎩 “Vecchio frac” 🎩

words and music and stories

È giunta mezzanotte
si spengono i rumori
si spegne anche l’insegna di quell’ultimo caffè
le strade son deserte
deserte e silenziose
un’ultima carrozza cigolando se ne va

Il fiume scorre lento
frusciando sotto i ponti
la luna splende in cielo
dorme tutta la città
Solo va un uomo in frac

Ha il cilindro per cappello
due diamanti per gemelli
un bastone di cristallo
la gardenia nell’occhiello
e sul candido gilè
un papillon, un papillon di seta blu

S’avvicina lentamente
con incedere elegante
ha l’aspetto trasognato
malinconico ed assente
non si sa da dove vien
ne dove va
chi mai sarà
quell’uomo in frac

Bonne nuit, bonne nuit, bonne nuit, buona notte
va dicendo ad ogni cosa
ai fanali illuminati
ad un gatto innamorato
che randagio se ne va

È giunta ormai l’aurora
si spengono i fanali
si sveglia a poco a poco tutta quanta la città
la luna si è…

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Wall art ideas


Symptoms of Renal Stone (Nephrolithiasis)

PT Master Guide

In this article we will discuss about various Symptoms of Renal Stone. So, let’s get started.


Pain on the sides and back and radiates to lower abdomen and groin.

Pain often comes and goes but can be intense sometimes.

Pain while Urinating.

Fever and Chills.

Frequent Urge of Urination.

Discolored and Foul Smelling Urine.

Pink,Red or Brown Colour Urine.

Nausea and Vomiting.

Blood in Urine.

Low Urine Output/ Urinating small amount.

High Frequency or Urinating more than usual.

In the next article we will discuss about various types,causes and symptoms of Kidney Stones or Nephrolithiasis.

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ProMete…Alim Qasimov

Colors of Christmas


It’s interesting all holidays, especially Christmas, are based so frequently upon superstitions, wondrous representations and mystical beliefs. I have to wonder if some bored individual sat in a chair, tapped their fingers like the Grinch, and came up with a brilliant idea to announce as a new custom. The basic colors of the season, red, and green, is one such bizarre association to this holiday.

Can you recall your elementary school years when teachers announced they were decorating the classroom or hallway for Christmas? They handed out huge packs of construction paper and paste, and the class made one long paper ring garland. Every color choice was available, and it was up to you to decide what looked the prettiest and best.

I vividly recollect a year when one of my fellow students made his rings in every different colored paper. One little classmate told the teacher, “His garland isn’t…

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18 pieces that’ll help you embrace those hygge-and-hibernate vibes

City Women & co

December 19, 2018 at 01:45PM

It was around mid-September when I had to accept that bare-leg season was officially over (hello, patterned tights). Mother Nature charmed me into fall with her beautiful foliage, helping to ease the pain of packing away my beloved sandals until next year. I started hearing words like flannel, shearling, chenille, and teddy. It all sounded so romantic and brainstorming winter clothes ideas suddenly sounded dreamy.

I know cozy means something different to everyone. According to Erin Rittling, senior manager of styling for Aerie, cozy is ?all about you.? This is to say, there?s no wrong way to add more warm, fuzzy feelings into your winter wardrobe. But if you?re looking for a place to start, blanketing yourself in a super-soft sweater isn?t a bad idea—Rittling?s been styling everyone from the model and inclusivity advocate Iskra Lawrence to singer Rachel Platten in them…

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My Top 5 Photos – 2018

Thief Images Photography Blog

We all have them, a favourite photo or two and I’m no different except that I seem to have so many favourites it becomes very hard to choose however after several days of much deliberation I have managed to pick my top 5 photos of 2018.

DSC03238 Sony A7 – ISO 800 S/S – 1/60 A – f/4.5

Wandering through the old quarters of Jersulam I spotted this old guy sitting quietly in a plastic chair. The light just fell across his body which made him stand out even more in a poorly lit room. Asking if he minded if I took his photo he nodded his head in a No motion and managed to capture two images. My regret is that I did not take long enough to compose the image properly ultimately leaving details out like his walking cane.

DSC_0869 Nikon D810 – ISO 800 S/S – 800 A –…

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With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Time ,you always moving forward !

you give so many lessons ,

If suddenly, you start moving backward !

So many changes,

If happen, we return back our past

And you start moving backward fast.

how much we will be happy then ?

we will get back our grand parents

we will loose ourselves !

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless.

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The Christmas Maze, Myths, and Message [Video]



Christmas can be a confusing season. The most commercial of holidays is also supposed to be one of the most sacred of days.

Moreover, the expression of the sacredness of the day is constantly opposed by those who don’t believe in sacredness at all. And what is for many the most joyful of times for others fuels deep depression and loneliness.

The Christmas season is confusing because it is not simply one kind of season. It has at least three manifestations; a maze, a myth, and a message.

The Christmas Maze

ChristmasThis is the hustle and bustle of the social and economic pressures surrounding Christmas. Every family that celebrates the day knows the Christmas maze well.

Moreover, this maze is the greatest concern of those for whom Christmas is not a religious day. In their case, it is an opportunity for family, gifts, and parties.

It is an opening to…

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10 Do’s And Don’ts Of Mental Health



On the tenth day of blogmas, I am sharing a list of what and what not to do when you hit the low. When dealing with bad mental health days, it becomes extra important to keep us occupied in the right direction.

What to do?

  1. Manicure: Either get a manicure done or give yourself a manicure, who doesn’t like pretty nails?
  2. Draw/ paint: Art is the best therapy, there is nothing more relaxing than colours. You can also buy the adult colouring books, they are super fun and relaxing.
  3. Write:If art is too challenging for you, you can always try the brain dump method where you write every thought of yours on a piece of paper. You will feel very light and calm after it, I promise.
  4. Watch a movie: Nothing is better than getting lost in the beautiful cinematography and rooting for your favourite characters.
  5. Read a book:

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Giza, Egypt



Statues inside the newly discovered tomb of Wahtye, which dates from the rule of King Neferirkare Kakai, in the Saqqara area near its necropolis

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Bogotá, Colombia



Artists perform during a presentation of Más cerca de las Estrellas (Closer to the Stars), a holiday show performed by the Italian art troupe Studio Festi, as part of Christmas celebrations in Bolívar Square.

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Does Sex Make You Nervous? Here’s How To Develop A Healthier Relationship With Sex

Some of my memories have matured into a haze while others have been forcefully pushed into the deep recesses of my mind to collect dust. Then there are those that have remained in the forefront—the ones I often revisit with a sense of joy, curiosity, caution, or a combination of them all. A memory I … Continue reading Does Sex Make You Nervous? Here’s How To Develop A Healthier Relationship With Sex

Best Film of 2018 – #20-11

No More Workhorse

Best Film of 2018 – #20-11

Here are some of the films we loved this year.

20. Glory – “It is a film that will frustrate you, make you feel deeply connected to the characters, and keep you at the edge of your seat.”

19. A Fantastic Woman – “this is an intelligent film and it is enlightening to view any society from the point of view of an outsider. Marina is just that – an outsider.”

18. 120 BPM (Beats Per Minute) – “Campillo has created a film of great strength which gives an insight into the personal and public way gay individuals responded to a disease which upended their lives and those of their friends.”

17. Custody (Jusqu’à la garde) – “Legrand, skilfully, leaves his audience uncertain at the start of the film as to who is the villain of the piece.”

16. Marlina The Murderer in Four…

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Lake Bled

Today’s thought 🌹

Great advice !


Remember that faith takes time to build.


➡Doubt takes seconds to destroy.

So never…

Don’t dig up in doubt what you planted in faith.

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The Dance Move That’ll Accidentally Tone Your Arms

City Women & co

December 19, 2018 at 01:00AM

Shake it off this holiday. Continue Reading…

Author Emma Loewe | Life by Daily Burn
Selected by iversue

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Love is scarce- Really ?

Philosophy through Photography

The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we

never give enough of is love.

Henry Miller

Why this happens ?

We all  think that, Love means romance.But it is not so.

There are 7 types of love.

  1. Storge- Familial love
  2. Phila-friendship ( shared goodwill)
  3. Eros-Sexual or passionate love
  4. Agape-Universal love ( unconditional love)
  5. Ludus-Playful or uncommitted love
  6. Pragma- Long term love ( married people)
  7. Philautia-self love ( healthy or unhealthy)

( source, Quora)

My discussion is limited to the married couple.

Think for a second.

Can you tell  the difference between ‘school and life‘ ?

” In school you are taught a lesson and then given a test.

  In life,you are given a test,that teaches you the lesson”Tom Bodett

So what I am trying to tell is Life gives an opportunity to learn lessons  from our…

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Diagnosis and Special Tests for Cervical Spondylosis

That’s a common disease

PT Master Guide

In this article we will discuss about the Diagnosis and Special Tests for Cervical Spondylosis. So, let’s get started.


Radiography tests include



CT Scan

Some examples of Radiographs are given below

Presence of osteophytes,bone spur, narrowing of intervertebral joint space confirms Cervical Spondylosis Diagnosis Radiographically.

Physical Tests includes

Spurling’s Test

Video link is given below

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How to Persevere (And Get Ahead!) When the Going Gets Tough


I have been discouraged and defeated many times in my life. I have had life deliver blows that have literally knocked me to the ground. The feelings of hopelessness and despair have consumed my life for many months. I wondered if I would ever survive these catastrophic events or if I would ever live a life where I felt happy and safe.

The good news is that slowly over time, my life got better and I got stronger. When I look back on my life I now realize that these “bad life events”, though painful at the time, were the catalysts for me to change my life.

“People who soar are those who refuse to sit back, sigh and wish things would change. They neither complain of their lot nor passively dream of some distant ship coming in. Rather, they visualize in their minds that they are not quitters they…

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Lovely Nature !

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

This is the picture of Kedarnath, India where Winter’s beauty is reflected!

P.C : Collected

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God Bless.

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Holy Humour

J-M's History Corner

In the year 2008, the Lord came unto Noah, who was now living in the

United States , and said, ‘Once again, the earth has become wicked,

and I see the end of all flesh before me.

Build another Ark and save 2 of every living thing along with a few

good humans’

He gave Noah the blueprints, saying, ‘You have 6 months to build the

Ark before I will start the unending rain for 40 days and 40 nights.’

Six months later, the Lord looked down and saw Noah weeping in his yard

– but no Ark.

‘Noah!’ He roared, ‘I’m about to start the rain! Where is the Ark ?’

‘Forgive me, Lord,’ begged Noah, ‘but things have changed. I needed a

building permit. I’ve been arguing with the inspector about the need

for a sprinkler system. My neighbors claim that I’ve violated the

neighborhood zoning laws by…

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Creating Ambiance With Gardens

I love my garden

green grassy field landscape photography Photo by on

During his 40-year career as a garden writer and photographer, Derek Fell has designed numerous garden spaces, many involving his wife Carolyn. The best example of their work can be seen at their home, historic Cedaridge Farm, in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There, they have designed more than twenty theme areas, including shade gardens, sunny perennial borders, tapestry gardens involving trees and shrubs, a cottage garden, herb garden, cutting garden and an ambitious water garden.

Derek worked as a consultant on garden design to the White House during the Gerald Ford Administration. Derek designed Ford’s ‘Win’ garden, following his ‘Win Speech’, advising the nation ten ways to fight inflation.

Many garden designs by Derek Fell have been implemented without inspecting the site. The great late architect Frank Lloyd Wright designed beautiful homes for his clients, entirely from photographs without the need for a site inspection.


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Love before and after marriage


This conversation between two lovers 
took place before they got married:

HE  : Yes! At last! It was so hard to wait.
SHE: Do you want me to leave?
HE  : No! Don't even think about it.
SHE: Do you love me?
HE  : Of course, over and over.
SHE: Have you ever cheated on me?
HE  : No! Why are you even asking?
SHE: Will you kiss me?
HE  ; Every chance I get.
SHE: Will you hit me?
HE  :  Are you crazy? I am not that kind of a person.
SHE: Can I trust you?
HE  : Yes!
SHE: Darling!

After they got married when the two people sat down to converse,
read from bottom to top to see how their conversation went.
This story is credited to an unknown writer.
What does it tell you about marriage?

Can you compare the heat in your love

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The Grey Fox: Legendary train robber and prison escapee Bill Miner

Library and Archives Canada Blog

By Caitlin Webster

Nicknamed “The Grey Fox” and “The Gentleman Bandit,” Bill Miner was a legendary criminal on both sides of the Canada–U.S. border. Although he committed dozens of robberies and escaped from multiple prisons, many saw him as a generous folk hero who targeted exploitative corporations only. Library and Archives Canada holds many documents, publications, sound and video recordings, and other materials relating to Miner, and hundreds of these documents are now available on our website as a Co-Lab crowdsourcing challenge.

Newspaper page showing text, an illustration of two armed men on horseback approaching a train, a portrait of the author, and photographs of Bill Miner, Shorty Dunn and Lewis Colquhoun. Article in The Province newspaper on January 18, 1958: “Bill Miner – last of the train robbers” (e011201062-019-v8)

Born Ezra Allan Miner on December 27, 1846, Miner began his criminal career as a teenager, stealing horses and robbing merchants in northern California. He later moved on to burglarizing homes and robbing stagecoaches in California and Colorado, where he and his accomplices often took away thousands of dollars…

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Celery Juice Blog

Lose Weight Not Faith Blog

The main benefits of celery are as follows: celery is rich in vitamin K, Folate, Vitamin A, Potassium, Vitamin C and fiber.
Other Benefits

  • Curbs cravings
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Controls blood pressure
  • Helps You to Relax
  • Cleanses blood
  • Natural diuretic and natural detox
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balances ph
  • Improves kidney / bowel function
  • Boosts weight loss
  • Helps with sleeping
  • Great for the skin

I decided to do a 30 day challenge of juicing celery, at first it was weird just drinking celery. A couple years ago I could not see myself eating or drinking celery. It just did not look good to me but now I love this veggie. I sauté it, juice it or eat it raw with some good hummus. Celery is the most underestimated vegetable because it looks so unattractive but it’s full of vitamins and nutrients.  From drinking celery, I have experienced less bloating and I feel lighter…

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I usually go to bed as a positive thinker


Now, I am going to bed;
And how am I going to bed?
I am going to bed
As a positive thinker;
I go to bed with
A positive mental attitude;
I go to bed happy;
I go to bed laughing;
I go to bed satisfied;
I go to bed thankful to God.
I go to bed as a winner.
I go to bed knowing
I have won for today.
Please, don’t go to bed
As a loser;
Don’t go to bed
Feeling defeated;
If things did not work,
Give yourself a big smile,
And say
“I am happy and proud
I did my best
Tomorrow is another day.”
Tomorrow will beat today.
And I will go to bed
Feeling beyond the ordinary;
Feeling great.

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When a luxe lingerie brand starts making athleisure, here’s what the sensual product looks like

City Women & co

December 18, 2018 at 12:41PM

Athleisure is no longer a niche within the retail market. Rather, its an omnipresent, ubiquitous sector that you?re as likely to find evidence of at Nike as you are at Gucci or Asos. Some would even say it?s high fashion?s next frontier. And now, it?s coming for your nether regions (well, kind of): Luxury lingerie brand Kiki de Montparnasse is now expanding into athleisure and activewear.

The collection, which debuted yesterday, WWD reports, is currently four items strong: leggings, shorts, a workout bralette, and a sports bra crop top. Each of the garments appear exactly as you?d expect (think: if lacy, silky lingerie underwent some kind of activewear transformation). The four pieces are only available in black, and all feature lace details for a general aesthetic that points to Kiki de Montparnasse?s signature style of sensuality. So basically, if you?re looking for the…

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Holiday Glam Look #1: Platinum

Chantel Keona

Happy Beauty Tuesday! This week I am kicking off a new beauty series called holiday glam just in time for those holiday festivities we will be attending. For my first holiday glam makeup look I’m wearing a platinum eyeshadow from my Sephora Moonshadow Baked Eyeshadow Palette and I paired this eye makeup with my favorite nude lipstick from Rimmel London. Keep reading for all the deets.

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Episode #26 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!

Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Ree-bo ribbity Yuh-doobles!  Episode #26 of Strained Brains Podcast is UP!  In this one, Doc and I discuss my decision to focus on positive thinking, which was inspired by Derren Brown’s mentalism.  Give it a listen by following the links on this page:  Strained Brains Podcast.

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Weekly Wisdom 18 December

5k of 50 Days – Accomplished

On a mission

The best thing you will always remember the day when you think about a task as daunting as moving a mountain. Well, I am exaggerating it here but it did sounds in the beginning. Here are my last 50 days in Q and A which I accomplished today.
Q 1: What is 5K of 50 Days?
Ans: A thought came through mind on Sunday, October 28…I had gone for a bicycle ride of 13.39 miles – after taking photos of nature, the thought was about the future…everything is going to be a downfall as Winter is on the horizon. I self-promised to do 50 days of running 5K.
Yes: A continuous run of 5k ( 3.1 miles) every day.
Q 2: Why do you call it daunting as moving a mountain?
Ans: It is not easy when you have so many things going on…festival to celebrate, be part of it…

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10 Star Wars Memes


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Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

Image result for star wars memes

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Mary Poppins Returns – Film Review

No More Workhorse

Mary Poppins Returns – Film Review by Katie McCann

Director: Rob Marshall
Writers: David Magee (screenplay by), David Magee (screen story by) etc.
Stars: Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ben Whishaw

With any remake or sequel there are huge expectations and none more so than for Disney’s latest; Mary Poppins Returns. It is a sequel to the 1964 mega hit musical that defined most people’s childhoods and still is part of Christmas day spent round the telly. Stepping under the umbrella this time is Emily Blunt, who leads an all-star cast on this new adventure with many familiar turns.

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Campane a scandire le ore…

Watch “Bengali Bridal Makeup | Makeup course | Makeup Class | Bridal Makeover | MUA Swapna Saha” on YouTube


Dr Faith poetry

It still resonates between
my ear drums ;
I close my eyes when,feel alone
all headaches gone
with this berceuse ,because
it touched my heart
it touched my soul
it is in my head
in my mind palace
I listen to it ,
whenever I miss your voice
Your eyes, your smile.
and,now I’m falling asleep and
you are in my dreams
but this gentle song is still playing because
it still resonates between
my ear drums.and won’t stop until I…

Nimish ©

For you❤️🌹☺️

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If you want to be special, take a look at these 11 points


You can be special. You can stand out of the crowd. What makes some people special? Here are 13 points to consider.

Photo by Sebastian Libuda on

  1. Some people are special because they take good care of their skin. When you look at them, they are fresh. They look different from many of the people around them.
  2. Some people are special because of their dressing. What they wear is of special quality; fits well and gives them a good look.
  3. Some people are special, especially the women because of their make up.
  4. Some people are special because of their character and behavior. They are marked by qualities such as discipline, honesty, love of others, respectfulness, humility etc.
  5. Some people are special because of their learning. They are very learned; intellectually refined.
  6. Some people are special because of their Godliness. They love God are very committed to their faith and…

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How to Brand Yourself and Make Your Business Stand Out


You’ve been in business for years and have finally hit your plateau.

The tactics you’d implemented for your customers aren’t working as they’ve used to. You feel like your business has fallen out of the spotlight and now you’d have to settle for any business you get. It’s how businesses work, right?

The truth is that some brands will fade off the business world–while others will adapt well and continue to grow. You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself for where your business currently stands. After all, you’d kept applying tactics that provided predictable results.

Instead, decide to not settle for average results and spend more time building your brand. To make your business stand out from your competition, you need to be unforgettable. But how can you?

In this article, I’ll cover timeless tactics that have worked for other businesses. If you apply these tactics correctly your competition won’t…

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Learn to do what you must do even if you don’t like it


Do you know what can keep you ahead of many?
Let me tell you one:
Being ready to do what you have to do even if you don’t like it.
It is true that when
You do what you love to do,
You do it well,
And feel satisfied.
Unfortunately, in this world,
You cannot say you will
Do only what you love to do.
That would take you nowhere;
Many times
You will have to do
Things that you
Do not like to do;
But which you must do.
This can be boring and stressful;
Yet, if you want to succeed
In this world,in a big way,
You have to learn to do them.
This calls for discipline,
Commitment to your responsibility and effort;
But good thing.
It keeps you well ahead of many.

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The miracle of Nature




As Christmas draws near, we plan on surprising our loves  with the best gift that there is  to give. Gifts of their desires or of their dreams. To Wow them by our great love we share. But out of them all – phones, make-up or shoe, can’t  prolongate or maintain their life. For only strive(exercise) and nutritious rich food can do such things. As for this, the best gift that anyone can ever give is a gift that directly  supports, boosts or rejuvenates one’s life. That is  a gift  of Health.

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December 17, 2018 at 04:31PM

Lyle Gogh

Conquer life with a smile. #colorpop #smile #dimple

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This Is It!


The 10 Most Addictive Novels & Memoirs of 2018

City Women & co

December 17, 2018 at 01:00AM

Whether you’re traveling or you need the perfect book to gift, we have you covered! Continue Reading…

Author Liz Moody | Life by Daily Burn
Selected by iversue

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Evening stroll in winters: Breathtaking views are smiling cheerfully 🍁

let us shine

Heya maple leaves and sugar cookies! As winter is being harsh with its cold, the nature is being gentle with its beauty. I went for an evening stroll today and the lovely sights of mother nature embraced me with sheer warmth and beauty. I wanted to share some moments with you guys so I clicked a good ammount of photos. I hope those who cant go outside can enjoy at home while roasting their feet infront of heaters and fireplaces. Also the people who are enjoying the snow can enjoy the tangy hues!

IMG-20181217-WA0031IMG-20181217-WA0036IMG-20181217-WA0043IMG-20181217-WA0050IMG-20181217-WA0041IMG-20181217-WA0053IMG-20181217-WA0044IMG-20181217-WA0000IMG-20181217-WA0030IMG-20181217-WA0022IMG-20181217-WA0024IMG-20181217-WA0045IMG-20181217-WA0018IMG-20181217-WA0039IMG-20181217-WA0055IMG-20181217-WA0041IMG-20181217-WA0019Adios xx

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Motivational Thoughts-3

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

food of mind-motivational speech এর ছবির ফলাফল

Result of anything comes out from lot of days’ steady,continuous hard working. Never lose hope,continue your hard working.

Don’t waste your time thinking about mistakes but do remember the mistakes and learn the lessons from it. Every mistake carries some lessons.

Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful World together. God bless !

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With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

Copyright © Tanusri Sen

Thank you for reading ! Let us make a beautiful World together ! God Bless this entire Universe !

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Spouses, learn to accommodate each other for happiness in marriage


In marriage, you must learn to accommodate each other.

If you as husband and wife do not learn to accommodate each other, it will be difficult for you both.

Each of you has faults. You are bound to have differences. You must learn to get on well despite your differences and each other’s faults. Accept your spouse as he or she is. Bear in mind that it is not easy for an adult to change. Hence thinking that you can use anger or other coercive means to push your spouse to change may only create more trouble and leave both of you bitter and frustrated.

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The beauty of Christmas


Take these flowers as a sign of my love and best wishes this Christmas.

May their beauty bring more beauty and joy to your gentle, lovely heart!

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The Moonlight: John Atkinson Grimshaw



The “remarkable and imaginative painter” of Victorian Era who is best known for his somber moonlight upon urban landscapes and dockyards through leafless trees or cotton clouds expounded with pallid and augmented silhouettes, light and wet city streets.

Born in Park Street, Leeds on 6 September 1836 to Mary and David Grimshaw, John Atkinson Grimshaw began his working life as a clerk for the Great Northern Railway. It was during the time as a clerk he begun to explore his love for painting. In 1861, at the age of 24, to the dismay of his parents, he abandoned his job to endorse all his time to become a painter. In 1862, only a year later after he had left his job, Grimshaw had his first exhibition under the patronage of the Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society, which was mostly paintings of birds, fruit and blossom focused on still life and…

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Aspettando il sole …

Etiliyle © -poetry and photography ™

La strada che segue la luce porta alla vita…


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Movies This Week – 12-12-18

Good to know !

No More Workhorse

Movies This Week – 12-12-18

Go watch the Mortal Enginestrailer below, because it’s better than the movie by all accounts! If you’re looking for a film for kids, well Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse is the main show in town. We quietly loved it!

Aquaman is actually doing better with the critics than I was expecting! It currently has 76% on Rotten Tomatoes, which is about 30% higher than I was expecting.

Sadly, the new Lars von Trier “The House That Jack Built” is not very good. Such is life. So a disappointing week, all in all, but remember Spider-man. Free Solo is the documentary of the week.

Our Top Five Films This Week –

5. Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse
5. Sorry To Bother You
3. Free Solo
2. The Old Man and The Gun
1. Shoplifters

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middemB BLOG

“Failing to discover or Pursue your personal leadership potential will deprive your generation of your unique vital contribution to the world”.


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What Consumes Your Mind, Controls Your Life



Guy in a train looking outside.

Ten years ago, if someone told me to think positive, I would break eye contact and walk away. Whenever I found myself in a tough situation, either at work, college or in social life, I would be in a bad mood and push people away. My whole mindset became dark and I could only hear were my own negative thoughts. I didn’t realise the damage I was doing to myself and others around me. When I do realise, that’s when my life started to change. I wanted to change the way I think and more importantly, the way I live my life.

In those ten years, I started to read books and blogs on self-improvement and dealing with challenges. From everything that I’ve read, there is one sentence that stayed with me:

“What consumes your mind, controls yourlife.”

That’s when everything made sense to me.I know now that my negative attitude…

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DAILY PHOTO: Low Tide, Siquijor

the !n(tro)verted yogi

Taken in December of 2017 in Siquijor, Philippines

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Aquaman – Film Review

No More Workhorse

Aquaman – Film Review by Fran Winston

Directed by: James Wan
Starring: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Kidman

In cinemas December 12th

Although this is Aquaman’s first standalone movie it is actually leading man Jason Momoa’s third outing as the aquatic superhero. He has previously appeared in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) and Justice League (2017). Now fans finally get to see his origin story on the big screen.

Bringing this story to life was always going to be something of a big ask as – just like the title suggests – much of the action is set underwater in the land of Atlantis. Perhaps that is why it has taken till now for it to get the cinematic treatment as CGI and effects are at such a sophisticated level that it can be done convincingly rather than cheesily.

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7 factors needed to win a war


To win a war, you need 7 factors:

  1. A good army;
  2. Good weapons
  3. Intelligent leaders;
  4. A good strategy
  5. Money ;
  6. Allies
  7. Support of the people.

Winning in life is similar to winning a war. What you need to win a war is the same you would need to win in life.

As a company, you need

  1. Competent staff (army)
  2. Quality products (weapons)
  3. Good Management (intelligent leadership)
  4. Good sales strategy (strategy)
  5. Capital ( money)
  6. Partners (allies)
  7. Market (people).

If all these are in place, you have a good chance of succeeding in life.

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How to share love? – No gifts!

ThatGirl4ever Blog

Hi there beautiful people! Welcome to Thatgirl4ever Blog! My name is Nicole and I’m 16 years old student whom today would like to share one of my how to… blog posts. I love doing the how to… they normally turn out quite interesting. Well, I’ll let that for you to judge.

Sharing Love

Love isn’t a quantity that you can weigh or turn it into an object. Love is a feeling that needs to be handled carefully. Some people lack of taking the importance of this and those around them will lack of their love. Love is one of the most important feelings.

Many people lack love and many others don’t have others to love them back. That’s why it is so important to share our love with others and we don’t have to to buy expensive gift to make them happy. How?

How to share our love?

Sharing love can…

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Are you ‘the’ Difficult Spouse?


Are you the difficult spouse?
Real relationships are not perfect and perfect relationships are not real !!

If you are a wife or husband and many occasions you realize , you are disappointed because of the other…..and think the other is the ‘difficult spouse’…. then this article is for you.I am thankful to you if you feel the article is resonating with your thoughts and is helpful.

There are two types of marriages.( Marriages are made in heaven.Is itn’t ?)

Love marriage

Arranged marriage ( In most of the eastern countries )

Irrespective of the type of marriage,both the man and the woman of his love have to adjust with each other in order to be compatible.

In fact, post marriage life is full of challenges and it exposes the couple to myriads of issues.

But we all know the truth.One day or other both the man & the woman have to face unpleasant situation…

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Holiday Party Outfit Ideas


Holiday season is almost here. And that means a lot of parties are coming up. Even if you don’t have an invitation to any special parties *ahem me* then you can wear these outfits on Christmas or New Years Eve.












Hope this gave you some kind of inspiration for your bomb outfit this holiday season! Let me know what are you gonna wear.

Sensationally, Karina.

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