They ran behind achievements….they didn’t notice their surrounding…. They walked and walked….their focus was just achievements….the achievemen described to them by others who hardly had any idea about it…. They ran behind achievement not knowing what it was….they crossed the sea and the forests….they reached castles beautiful ,”but its not achievement ” they said…they reached a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers in it, ” but its not achievement they said,” and kept moving ahead. Then they reached the earth where all their loved ones stayed , “but, it’s not achievement” they said and kept moving ahead. They got everything they desired, they got happiness, ” but that’s not achievement, ” they said and kept moving ahead. Then they reached darkness where treachery, fear and death dwelled. A hooded black figure stood in front of them. “Who are you?” They asked. He replied, “I am the end, I am the one…

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