Attachment in Detachment

With Nature-tanusrirchokhe

*Attachment in Detachment—-*
*Written by Sudha* *Murthy, wife of* *Narayan* *Murthy…..Worth reading……* 👌👌

“When my daughter, the elder of my two, wed and left home, I felt a part of me gone.

With a daughter and a son, I know what both mean, differently.

When she was in her teens I felt as if she was my “physical extension” !

So when she left home to set up her own, I felt I lost a limb.

Next time she came to stay with us, I was astonished how her priorities had changed.

We too must’ve given the same shocks to our own parents !

When she said Amma,
she meant her mother-in-law, not me!

I felt she was always in a hurry to go back to her house and not stay with me for a few more days.

That was the first time, it dawned on me that I have…

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