Casual Relationships?

R. Michael

I’ve said it before, it is a writer’s job to pay attention to happenings within society. Western culture is steeped in isolation.  Most people have forged little islands for themselves.  Sometimes those islands have room for a friend or closest family members, but beyond that there appears to be little engagement.  Things like “casual friendships” and “casual relationships” are common place.  What does it mean to be “casually” involved with someone be it friendship or romantically?  From my perspective it reflects an unwillingness to invest.

Let’s get this out of the way first.  There is no way to possibly keep in active contact with everyone you’ve known or once had a friendship with.  There is nothing wrong with relationships changing and sometimes people grow apart.  That is perfectly okay.  Especially if it is mutual.  I think we all look back on our past and think, “how was I ever friends…

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