Softboys are the wolf in sheep’s clothing currently terrorizing the dating scene

City Women & co

December 10, 2018 at 05:30AM

The first time I saw 500 Days of Summer, it left me feeling irritated, even angry. Okay, fine: The movie straight-up made my blood boil. At the time, I couldn?t place my admittedly judgy finger on what exactly it was about the film made my skin crawl. But now, after several years of rom-com exposure therapy, I?ve figured it out: Joseph Gordon-Levitt?s character is a softboy.

While fuccbois, tiny hat boys, and the like are (relatively) easy to identify, the softboy?s power comes from his ability to blend in and seem completely normal—or even progressive and woke. The softboy?s defining feature is being a wolf in sheep?s clothes, rife with paradoxes for his unsuspecting dates to sort.

Generally speaking, he seems to understand the plight of women and be an ally against misogyny. But (but!), if you pay attention closely, you?ll hear him slip…

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